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  1. aoa stated that binocular function & stereopsis well define develop at 6 months of age..

    this patient is already 2 years old, will she perceive normal sensory fusion after surgery that allowed her to experience fine depth perception, 3D vision & normal binocular vision?

  2. farahiyah asked me bout cross fixation ;;)

    so just wanted to shared with others too, definition of cross fixation:-

    Cross fixation is the use of the right eye to view the left visual field and the use of the left eye to view the right visual field.

    one of clinical sign of infantile esotropia
    Cross fixation often causes the appearance of not looking directly at a target.

  3. aaiiippp arifah...am i?? oowwwhhh that what said to be cross fixation...hahaha
    so now refer latter had been issued to her parents and hopefully we don't loss to follow up her so that we can see the successful of the treatment given and the prognosis after surgery should be good

  4. sorry but then, this pt considering poor prognosis of BSV because she had been refer >1yr old....

    what i have read,this pt not considering to be amblyope because she had cross fixation.. am i right??? someone please explain to me why???

  5. I have been informed by Farahiyyah that this px was referred to HKL not Selayang right?

  6. @nurQ arifaa

    this is congenital tropia..So, I suspect this pt has not developed good BSV even after surgery..Perhaps, the eye will develop any sensory adapatation.

  7. @The Traveler
    even if it is not congenital tropia, to develop good BSV,it has to fulfill some criteria,am i right?most of them will not develop good BSV even after surgery was done..

  8. i did search online for the "best age for rectus muscle surgery"..but there is no well-define conclusion on that...

    even the earlier the surgery, the better prognosis is mentioned by certain author but it still difficult to done for age 1-2 year, and there is possibility of "re-surgery"

    so i after the surgery done( for aligment), then she really need to come for vision theraphy for sensory adaptation (ARC, EF, ambylopia)...

  9. shahril, i curious...criteria? tertanya2 ni...explain3~~!

  10. An interesting case, so basically the surgery would be more towards cosmetical i guess.. in an alternating case of infantile ET surgery would most probably need to be perform on both eyes... cosmetical appearance is important for the child psychological growth..it would increase her confidence level and social development...
    -your former IIUM student-

  11. her parent choose to be referred at selayang..but then what had been told by kak linda, she said selayang or HKL might been issue refer letter to K.C Chu jgk (the best surgeon kottt)

  12. @nurQ arifaa
    errr..i think, i have read about it before but no so sure when and where..huhu.."peace"

  13. yup...i remembered, HKL akan refer K.chu..
    masa kami pratical HKL <--> k.chu Orthoptic refer-refering patient ortoptic...

    miss/mr anonymous might want to introduce yourself? =) senior, u r most welcome to drop comment here, especially discussion for our group..hoho...:X

  14. cop...if I'm not mistaken, binocular single vision requirement:
    motor fusion + sensory fusion = BSV

    ni ke requirement yg shahril nk ckp tu?

    so this infantile ET, having distruption on motor which indirectly affecting the sensory fusion too la~


  15. @Anonymous

    hmm..former IIUM...kindly write ur real.name..we want opinion from a qualified optom

  16. Is there any follow up on the condition post-op?

  17. @Wilson

    we are still waiting report from the squint surgeon..currently, no updates received

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