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1. Which specialty that can hold your interest? Please choose one only.

A. Low vision

B. Binocular vision

C. Pediatric

D. Contact lens

2. According to your answer for Question No. 1, please state reasons why the specialty can hold your interest. (State in point form)


1. the lecturer……

2. Can relate theory and apply it during clinical

3. According to your answer for Question No. 1, based on your chosen specialty, what type of cases that might be most interesting case?


LV- retinitis pigmentosa @ cataract

BV- acc. Problem esp. acc. Weakness

CL- keratoconus- fiiting with piggy back CL,or do Soflex fitting

4. According to your answer for Question No. 3, please state reasons why the type of case can hold your interest. (State in point form).

5. Which specialty that most bored?

A. Low vision

B. Binocular vision

C. Pediatric

D. Contact lens

6. According to your answer for Question No. 5, please state reasons why the specialty cannot hold your interest. (State in point form).

7. Which type of case is most challenging to manage?

A. Low vision

B. Binocular vision

C. Pediatric

D. Contact lens

8. According to your answer for Question No. 7, please state reasons why the case is challenging?

9. Which type of case is easiest to manage?

A. Low vision

B. Binocular Vision

C. Pediatric

D. Contact Lens

10. According to your answer for Question No. 9, please state reasons why the case is not challenging?

CV is not considered as one of specialty. It can be a sub-specialty either in Low vision, Binocular Vision, Pediatric or Contact Lens.


  1. j_phurcane@yahoo.comDecember 29, 2009 at 5:25 AM

    Q1 - BV

    Q2 - the lecturer & can appl the theory during clinical & real life.

    Q3 - phoria problem, especially that relates to accom problem, n tx option limited by some external factors.

    Q4 - I treat it like playing a video game.

    - u're given a mission
    - u're given an array of weapons at ur disposal
    - u've acquired a set of skills
    - u nid to make reconnaissance to find some clues
    - u nid to know what u're up aginst to
    - u nid to come up with a plan on what to do
    - u nid to execute d plan accordingly

    n hardest parts r doing it with time constraint n coming up with a contingency plan. d only difference is that there's no save N reload. but when u managed to solve a mission, u cant resist saying "Damn! I'm good!".

    Q5 - i think it would hurt someone's feeling if i answer this.

    Q6 - (please refer to answer no. 5)

    Q7 & Q8
    - paediatric - handling them is like interrogating a battle-hardened spec ops soldier. torture la camne pn kalo die xnk jwb, die xkn jwb nye.

    CL - u do ur part. bt its all up to them. u have very lil control. u r d 1 who nid them, not d other way around, s practitioner-patient relationship should be. u r desperate n ravenous. so weak n powerless.

    Q9 - refractive error (tp xde dlm option kn...)

    Q10 - referring to the answer above, kne jwb gk ke?

    P/s: i mean no disrespect to ur creative selection, n i'm sorry 4 bein frank, sir. appearance blog ni mmg lg chantik dr yg lame. tp dr aspek ergonomics, appearance ni x brape friendly. background hitam n certain text grey. font size kechik. so org yg ada accom problem akn rs susah skit.

  2. I will take into consideration your comment about appearance of this blog, Zul.

    Zul, to treat pediatric pt, you have to use magic strategy and patience and believe in your pt are the 'golden key'.

    For CL part, your comment likes luahan perasaan je..

    BV= play a battle game. Full with desire and strategies to win the battle. (I think that Zul can understand my 'pujangga').

    Hopefully, other will also answer the survey.

  3. 1. BV

    2. BV covers whole aspect of optometric practice:

    a. pt comes to practices complaints of HA, eyestrain even with aid of glasses .. should they prescribe therapy (if the symptoms 're not due to refractive or dispensing reasons) but then still they prescribe new Rx even with +- 0.25 DS diff

    b. paed pt visits MO due to blurred vision even with correction.. the MO made further referral to the ophthal.. the opthal diagnosed this patient as amblyope but then advise on getting new prescription ONLY.. shouldnt they know this might lead to suppression detering BV function?

    c. in managing LV patients, we still take into account their acco and BV function to determine the F and WD for their aids to provide maximum comfortable vision (though they only use their sound eye for viewing)

    3. Accommodation dysfunction

    4. Pt with this diagnosis doesnt know that they exhibit symptoms due to their 'abnormal' acco .. they might think the HA or strain is due to under/over correct Rx.. after seeing us (optometrist) with prescription of Rx and therapy, they can prolong reading, writg and copying homeworks in ease.. they doesnt look at the optom as the 'tukang bagi spek' only but also as a 'doctor who prescribes remedy by means of therapy' to make themselves better..

    5 & 6: bored? takdek kot.. lost interest skjap2 tu maybe ade even tuk clinic BV y dsukai.. it comes n goes~

    7. LV

    8. It is sometimes a miracle to provide a 'blind with a second gift of sight'.. wut they need is just a magnifier to enlarge their vision. but the part on education n prescribing are tougher than we could've imagined.. the examination also may take minutes than seconds as motivation and willpower play huge part...

    tapi mcm kak dil ckp- it is self- satisfying when we can ensure their fundamental right to sight ^^

    9. CL

    10. The drill for each pt is similar.. flatten n steepen, handling n maintainance, dos n donts, TCA, referral.. but yeah still it is less difficult to talk/write about than act doing it..

    + PHO is nice kak dil, i'd like to venture into this one too!

    + i wonder our specialty clinic will add one more (in years to come) after our HOD completed his PHD- occupational optometry aka ergonomic *__^

  4. PHO- can be tagged under CV, LV, PCO and also BV...Sub-specialty...

    kenapa, kebykan survey mcm kurang ikhlas je....not real je..jika ada Question yang u rasa keberatan nak jawab bleh email direct ke my yahoo email..yg saya guna for our yahoo group.

    I promise..tak kan tunjukan your secret answer to anyone. believe me.

  5. Which answer do you think is insincere, Sir?
    I guess all the answers were given from the very deep of our hearts, huhu.
    Nothing is hidden nor concealed.

    Owh, I never knew that CV is not considered a specialty and can even be a sub-specialty under LV, BV, CL etc.

    If that's the case, then isn't Paeds also a sub-specialty under BV?
    (...and can also be under LV, CL and even refraction la kan).
    Moreover, if Paeds is considered a specialty, then Geriatrics can also be a specialty la as well, isn't it?

    I'm not against, but just query. Malu bertanya sesat jalan kan.

    And... how about:
    - Sport Vision (enhancing visual skills required in sports)
    - Behavioral/Developmental Optometry (dealing with vision-related learning disorders e.g. dyslexia, ADD)
    - Occupational Vision (related to ergonomics kot)
    - Ocular Disease (closely related to medicine - really out of my interest)
    ---> Isn't there any special clinic for those fields even in other universities?
    (kat UIA memang takde la)

    And I've also overheard a specialty in Head Trauma (rehabilitation of lost visual skills due to stroke or head injury) but this may be a specialized field for master/Ph.D.
    Another one for master/Ph.D is neuro-optometry (so medical la...
    of course I won't be interested in this area).
    And most probably PHO is also available for master/Ph.D.

    Sorry Sir for being out-of-topic, I know this discussion is specially focusing on "Special Clinic" but I'd like to know in detail the specialties available in Optometry. Actually I'm interested on furthering my study up to at least a Ph.D level (berangan je lebih, tapi belajar main2 ---> kalau ada rezeki, apa salahnya kan), so I'd like to survey which field suits me most. For the time being, BV is my preference but I'm more interested in preventing rather than treating. That's why I asked about PHO.

    p/s: Memang saja ambil kesempatan tanya kat sini, sebab tak tau nak tanya kat siapa lagi. Hope it may benefit not only me, but other students as well.

  6. j_phurcane@yahoo.comJanuary 5, 2010 at 11:42 PM


    i'm sorry if its not my place to answer. but, i think ur respons 2 dis survey seemd a lil misguided. sir tanye psl special clinic kt department kite. die nk tgk how we fare in our wednesday's special clinic n CL. dats y sir limit 2 dos available in our clinic sessions.

    cv, pho, etc, at d moment dey r considerd sub-specialty within a specialty clinic. when a sub-specialty becomes large enough, it becomes a specialty of its own, or even a subject of its own (like CL).

    bt until den, kt clinic kte jes ade:
    1. BV
    2. paeds
    3. LV
    4. CL (big enuf 2 b a subject of its own)

    2 hav a sub-specialty to grow, u nid a large number of pt. tp d 1st 3 abov pn pt cm chipsmore je. kjap ade, kjap xde.

    in our country, most sub-specialties in our country (CV, sports, PHO & even paeds) r x explord yet. so perhaps u can b a pioneer like Dr. Chen n Mdm. Norsham in paeds.

    about geriatric, i recall Dr. Chen said: "there's very little you can do about them." we treat dem in PCO. n whn deyr vision lost, we put dem under LV. dats makes it a sub-specialty.

    bout paeds, i recall Dr. Chen said: "there's always a way for you to help them." "paediatric" in Greek means "org yg tggi prs kaki". aku rs korg compius paeds n bv sbb 2 specialty ni slalu overlap bt dey r x d =. consider case congenital glaucoma. camne nk ltk bwh bv? die dh overlap dgn OD. bt its considered s paeds 1st n 4most sbb its rather difficult 2 handle a glaucomatous child [org yg tggi prs betis (1 komponen pd kaki)] than a glaucomatous adult.

    i'd like 2 c military application of if u can train a sportsman 2 use peripheral vision 2 play, u can as well train a spec ops 2 2 use it in close combat or a spy 2 track on a target without fixating eyes on him.

    skian, trimas.

    may the peace be with you.

  7. Thanks for asking, Adilah.

    This survey is about Special "Clinic'. Not the case.

    In medical, most of cases need inter-disciplinary treatment and the cases are always overlap.

    Yes, PHO is also a specialty, but not a clinic.
    Takkan nak ajar pt pasal ergonomic nak ada satu klinik khas. It can be settled during PCO visit.

    Most of geriatric cases are LV cases. So, geriatric is under LV clinic. For presbyope case, by definition is geriatric case, but this case can be setted during PCO.

    That's all.


  8. salam..

    harap masih blom tlmbt utk respon gak,coz i'm still studnt, and xde due date,kn utk survey ni..=D


    1-Pediatric (actually, contact lens as well..difficult to choose.huu...~)

    2-bcoz i like paeds very much.. (sorry zul..)
    -i feel pity for them,weak population..
    -in paeds, esp at hospital, we r going to deal with the bv problem which is assoc wit other dseases such as syndrome pape y plik2.thus, we'll be more exposed to other dseases that may be associated wit ocular prob.

    -contact lens as my 2nd choice bcoz in clens, we'r dealing wit ocular disease..=D

    3-squint, ROP

    4-bcoz lots of tropia case is usually associated wit other weird syndrome


    6-erm...actually, LV is not too bored for me..but, it's the least attractive compared to the others bcoz:

    -nothing much we can do in low vision


    8-coz their "future" is dpend on, to educate the parents and convinced them on what we'r doin

    9-myb contact lens

    10-the prognosis might take least time compared to bv and paeds..(i guess..hehe...)

  9. To Sabrina,

    Thank you for joining this survey



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