Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Theme (Template)

Sorry to everyone because I'm always changing blog theme. Actually, I'm trying to provide the best theme from my own perspective and also from all readers perspective.

Thank you so much for your comments  on this blog themes (from ergonomics, accommodation , font aspects & etc) . Hope, all readers are happier with this current theme, bigger font size, higher contrast, view all posts, view all comments etc.

For ummah, the best only comes from Allah.

Thank you.



  1. Thanks sir. This theme is already very good, no need to change anymore.

    No deny that the previous theme is more 'cun' as compared to this one, but for me appearance is not as important as comfort.

    It's ok if the appearance is not 'cun' as long as it's comfortable. My own blog is even simpler in appearance compared to this one, but I'm really comfortable with that.

    The same goes to my dressing. See... I don't mind on how I look, the most important thing is that I'm comfortable with how I dress.

    Ops, menulis macam kat blog sendiri pulak. Sorry sir.

  2. wow, patut la nmpak kak dil y comfy spanjang masa, euw!

    tak sabar nak visit blog kak dil.. jmput la kitorang jd subscriber plak ye ^^

    *jadikan blog nie tmpat mgoment plak- extra user- frenly.. sory sir ◕‿‿◕

  3. VaVa dD, what a cute smiley~ (the one next to "sory sir")

    How to make the thingy eh?

  4. Kak dil, bile nk invite kitorang ke blog special tuh, da lame tunggu...
    "M****** S****** T*******"..btul kan? last mampu mengingati tema blog kak dil..

    sorry sir,'mempergunakan' blog sir...but i think it's a good platform to strengthen ukhuwah between optos family here since our department still have no one (nak tunggu sape create dulu)...

    so, current theme is nice which look simple but elegant and more natural with nice pic and higher contrast....

    hope to have my own blog soon ;)

  5. To Munirah,

    It is okay to use my blog in order to strengthen OPTOMETRY UKHWAH and ask any issues, either is related to OPTOM or Current Issue...

    You can use this blog as an Optometry BLOG....

    This Blog is free for anyone and also it is From Optometry to Optometry.

    Also, you can tell to your frens , no matter who they are about the existence of this blog.

    Hope, this blog will also benefit our ummah


  6. Sape2 nak share their problem pun di alu2kan..saya bleh jugak jadi motivator

  7. Hu... Baru perasan nama blogku disebut di sini.

    Sorry Murni, buat pertama kalinya I terpaksa menggunakan kuasa mengedit komen untuk men"censor"kan tagline blog tersebut atas sebab-sebab yang tak dapat disebut di sini (nanti I bagitau U eh).

    Hope to see ur own blog soon~ =p

  8. Salam to all (maybe da ramai members sbb sir da promote blog ni ^^)..
    ive gone long enuf to be seeing such promotion, DR workshop, n algorithm of assessing DR posts posted.. even the bv case that i managed (G1 n G4) had been properly accomplishd (discussionly said).. uh, i really should bookmark this laman sesawang..

    kAdilah- that smiley i juz copied from fb.. takde copyrite pon, if u nk amek la.. tp perasan tak, kall tgk lame2 cam iras2 muke u, hehe ◕‿‿◕ <-- Kak DILLY aka editor

    Munirah- yup, i was like "bile la kak dil nk jadikan blog die blog ukhwah cm sir buat ni".. mencari suratan terakhir ke tagline tue ^^

    sir- it was a good idea promoting this blog to outsiders.. such a good start to publicize optometrist generally n iium optometry specifically.. maybe its time to generate a new tagline too?..
    i dunno - i'm a hero- sounds ownership/ territory (no offense sir).. mayb u can make it more diversified, optometric thingy..
    for instance our clinic promosi tagline: "we put 'I CARE' in the EYE CARE"..

    juz a suggestion, it's still up to the admin to decide ^^

  9. Good idea Khadijah. I'll consider your suggestion.

    Actually, I'm created this blog for my personal usage likes our frens Adilah (not open to public even to us kannn. That's why the tag line sounds ownership.

    For this sem, I am decided to use yahoo group for our discussion platform, but unfortunately the yahoo group template is not so frenly-user compared to this blog. So, I made a decision to 'sacrifice' this blog for public usage.

    If you want to announce your current class activities (makan2 kt luar, outing besar2an), timetable change, you are allowed to do so. Also, you can post your activity photos here (must follow Muslim rules).

    I will create an Announcement and an Activity Category in this blog. Khadijah will be awarded Editor status, thus it will ease KHadijah to post any announcement since she is class rep.

    Thank you


  10. tq sir, im honored ◕‿‿◕



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