Thursday, December 24, 2009

Username & Password

Attention to all my students,

I have added all of you 4th year student as a subsciber for this blog. You must log in to post comment for each post. Please check your email to get the username and email.

For Nurul Ain and Zulhilmi,

May you provide me new email adrress not opia...and j_purchrane..because these email were used in previous.

Thank you.


  1. do i need to give new email? i already can post comment on your blog.. if that is the case, i guess i have to make new email... i only have one...

  2. my new email is

  3. Thank you for the new email. I will add you now as an Editor. Adilah, Zul n you will help me to post our special clinic cases.



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