Friday, June 15, 2012

Industrial Placement/ Training: Written Report Guidelines


Dear My Beloved LI Students,

First and foremost, I would like to wish "HAPPY LI" to all of you and hope that all of you are safely arrived at your LI area. Please don't forget to convey my ASSALAMUALAIKUM & SALAM SEJAHTERA to all your external LI supervisor.

As I've been told you that each of you must prepare a written report (together with your Daily Logbook) and must be submitted to the Department after two weeks of your last LI session. Kindly please prepare your report based on this guidelines:

Description: Assessment based on a report on the industrial placement carried out, written in not more than 50 pages, A4 pages using Times New Roman font 12, 1.5-spaced and with 20mm margins. 


Lay-out & Organization
Informative summary; Table of contents in logical sequence; Page numbering; Suitable sub-titles
Main ideas are clearly presented; Ideas are presented in an interesting manner; Ideas are supported by information and logic; Appropriate conclusions are based upon evidence presented; Does not exceed 50 pages.  
Description of Patient Management  
Complete explanation from registration to prescription given. 

Personal Experience
Observation relates to theories; Offer suggestions.

Effective use of pictures, models, diagrams, charts, tables and graphs.
Generally error free in regards to sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and standard usage.
Information Sources
Multiple sources; Wide range of resource types; Reliable sources; Current sources.



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