Thursday, December 30, 2010

Educational Visit to HOYA Lens Sdn Bhd

To all 2nd Year Students,

Please be informed that our bus will departure at 6.00 a.m from KOM Lobby. Please gather at KOM Lobby sharply at 6.00 a.m. Please be punctual. Late comers will not be entertained.

Driver on that day is Br Sayuti,HP: 0123992265
Our Officers In-charge: Br Yeop & me..For my  HP no., please ask Shaffrina. Your Class Rep.

All students must wear formal attire. No jeans and t-shirt.

Lab for this week will be replaced on next Monday at 11am-1pm and Lecture will be replaced by 9am-11am on next Monday.

Thank you


  1. To all 2nd year,

    please follow this blog using Google friend connect and networked blog & Like box using your FB account

    please do it before this Monday

  2. @The Traveler

    sorry sir lmbat..
    this is 11 topics for the report:

    1) nurulain + fazrina = multifocal lenses from Hoya
    2)sitinurliyana + ajmal= tinted lens
    3) adnan + faiz= hoya company bifocal lenses
    4) hani + kamila = lens indices
    5) nasrah + farihah = reflectiion from spectacle lens surface
    6) fadilah + norhanani= special order
    7) syahirah + shaffrina = lens material
    8)amalina + maryam = hoya transition lens
    9) syazwani + raja nor shahila = lens shape
    10) syamimi + amer = polaroid lens
    11) najwa + amirah = lenses coating

  3. SITI NUR LIYANA MUSTAFARJanuary 1, 2011 at 4:34 PM

    noted :D

  4. @The Traveler
    sir is there any dress code that we hv to follow..
    can we juz simply wear jeans??

  5. @shaffreyna

    Shaff, it has been stated above that no jeans and tshirt are allowed. heheh. Formal attire oke.=)

  6. raja nor shahila raja mohamadJanuary 2, 2011 at 1:08 AM


  7. @shaffreyna

    formal jeans, t-shirt and slipper

  8. Sir, can i join?

    i don't have any classes on this monday

  9. joined and noted.

    i'll pick topic (1) for report ----- joining nurulain and fazrina. =)

  10. noted...:)

  11. @azuwan

    Since you are 4th year, you must select your own topic. not joining other



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