Thursday, December 30, 2010

Easy Way to Determine Abnormal Head Posture Using Syah's Rule

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning to all readers..
Do you have problem to relate extraocular muscle palsy with abnormal head posture (AHP)?

I have a rule of thumb to determine AHP. Let's see this diagram to learn Syah's Rule.

If affected muscles (muscles palsy) are;
RSR,LIO,RIO,LSR -located at upper part of this diagram (red rectangular)= AHP Chin Up
RIR, LSO,RSO,LIR-located at lower part of this diagram (green rectangular)= AHP Chin Down

RSR,LIO,RIR,LSO-located at right side of this diagram (light blue box)= AHP Right Face Turn
RIO,LSR,RSO,LIR-located at left side of this diagram (light yellow box)=AHP Left Face Turn
RSR,LIO,RIO,LSR-Red arrows are 'with' actions to the eye.
  1. RSR, RIO- Head Tilt to Right
  2. LIO,LSR-Head Tilt to Left
RIR,LSO,RSO,LIR- Green arrows are 'against' action to the eye.
  1. RIR, RSO- Head Tilt to Left
  2. LSO,LIR-Head Tilt to Right
Hopefully, by using this diagram will help all of us in making an accurate diagnosis of affected muscle on AHP patient. Any question, kindly send it using Contact Me form in this blog.

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When you use it, may you pray for my & family happiness and success in this Optometry World.

Thank you.


  1. sir, i will email to rohaila the one that i made. Almost the same like yours but has bit changes on head tilt. the concept is remained.

  2. tq, sir...and congrates on syah916's rule..[tgh digest dis rule=)]

  3. tqvm sir..
    simplify my understanding..
    do help me a lot :)



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