Friday, December 23, 2011

Infantile esotropia

1year 1month/malay/female (Follow up case)

History :
-          mother noticed her daughter left eye squinting  1 year ago constantly
-          full term delivery
-          no medical illness or eye disease (check at IIUM specialist)

important test:
VA (LEA grating paddle):    BE; 2cpm (6/18)
Refraction (mohindra):       RE; -0.50DS                 LE; -1.50DS
Hirschberg: 30⁰ to the temporal (LE)) fixing eye is RE
Prism cover test:  ∞; unobtainable         N; 30Δ

 Stereoacuity (frisby) ;unobtainable

Diagnosis: Infantile esotropia
Management: refer to ophthalmologist for eye surgery

(group 1)

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