Thursday, April 14, 2011

Posting Info lagi

For this year, the students must submit a Industrial Training Report and do a presentation about the training/ posting to Department after you have been successfully finished your training/ posting.

Before you go for the training/ posting, please prepare your "Report Duty Letter" (Surat Lapor Diri) that you must send/ show it to Bahagian Latihan of every Hospital/ Premise during the 1st day of the training/ posting. Download the template here . To download it, you must register as a member of the forum. For date of LI, if you are not confirmed yet, just leave it blank.

On this Friday, please see Sr Aishah to get your copy of acceptance letter together with two envelopes. In the envelopes, we enclosed an Assessment Form and a Supervisor's Guidelines for your respective supervisor. Please pass it to them at 1st day of posting. This approach is more effective in ensuring that all the forms go to the respective supervisor.

For further info/ queries/ signature, please meet up me on Friday.

Goodluck and Selamat berLI.

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