Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guidelines of Visual Requirement for Motor Vehicle Drivers in Malaysia

This is guidelines of minimum visual function requirement for Motor Vehicle Drivers in Malaysia which was revised on 2003. As matter of fact, we have a "GUIDELINES", not a "REQUIREMENT"...and current guidelines have a few items must be improvised and the most important thing is that the guideline must be converted  to an requirement.


  1. Hi, I am an optometrist undergraduate in Malaysia. Currently I am involve with project regardding visual standard for drivers in Malaysia.It seems that there is no an official guidelines for visual requirement in Malaysia. My question is the guidelines you posted is officially from the government or any organization? Your information will be much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. @Anonymous

    Hi. I'm much appreciate if you can introduce your name and from which optometry school are you.

    1. Respected Sir,

      I am Revathi, currently doing my B Sc project study from Twintech International University College of Technology, Kuala Lumpur on investigating the visual status and common ocular injuries among the Construction workers.

      It will be very kind of you, if you can let me know is there any Visual Standards for construction workers in Malaysia. or any Guidelines.

      It will be a great help to me if you can kindly share your opinion with me sir.
      Looking forward for your reply.

  3. Hi Revathi,

    First of all, tqvm for visiting my blog. I'm so sorry coz I don't have the guideline.I think that you should ask Majlis Keselamatan Pekerja for the guideline.

    As far as I concern, Ophthalmology or Optometry Society have never prepare vision guideline for construction workers.

    Hope, this reply answered your queries.

    Thank you



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