Sunday, January 9, 2011

Test Your Visual Skill Here

To all readers,

Let's enjoy this video test..Its not an IQ test or related to our academic performance..Just a test to recognize our visual ability to memorize the orientation, form & sequential of an object.

This video is so-called visual skill video test. It is consists of visual memory test and visual sequential memory test. Please follow the instruction given and do the test. You are not allowed to rewind this video to get 'real' result. Be honest to yourselves. Find the video by clicking at READ MORE button.
 Special thanks to DACN and Rohaila for the video.

Please post your score in the comment column or submit it through Contact Us Form, our team (Syah aka The Traveler,Dayah Ayu, Che Nur, Nurlie) will tell your VISUAL SKILL result later.

Group 3 special words for IIUM Optometry: Please post your score in the comment column only if you want more mark from Bro Muziman Syah hahaha :P

Let's test it now!


  1. sir..u forget about Hidayah..huhuk..

  2. Part 1= 16
    Part 2= 14



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