Monday, January 24, 2011

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan: Nigerian's Meal

Do you think that we are lucky of being part of IUM community?4 me yes,we can mix with expatriate, knowing their culture and Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan at their home. Last Fri, my Nigerian colleague invited me for dinner at his home.It's cooked by himself...1st thing that he introduced me to Garri.How to cook it? you could ask him. He told me that Garri can be eaten without cooked.

Menu for the dinner was Poundo Yam. It is imported from Nigeria..Don't believe? Look at the photos below.

Poundo Yam is looks like our Tepung Gandum or White Flour..So simple to cook it, just mix with some water. Less than 10 minutes, we can serve the Yam.

It is also can be found in UK, and a few of other countries including Canada. 

Then, finally the Yam was ready...Yam can be replaced Rice, you know..

For "lauk", he cooked Beef with Ground Nuts Sauce..This one, you need to ask him how to cook it.
 Looks like Curry..

This is our dinner menu served by Chef Ahmed, Poundo Yam with Beef Ground Nuts Sauce..Very lovely food..Thank you so much for the meal.


  1. im wondering how the taste will be like.

    Great to have that experience.

  2. yummy!! i love trying different kind of experience kan!=)

  3. Azuwan & Roxy;

    Jom serang rumah Dr Ahmed this weekend ni

  4. Wow! Very interesting blog you had here! Wish to connect with you on Google Friend Connect! Cheers! =) (

  5. I would love to try Dr Ahmed's dishes. Dr please invite us to your house...

  6. Yes I agree with you, it looks very yummy.
    Hope your friend has a blog or something so I can ask him to prepare Nigerian food.

    Good article. I will follow your blog by signing in and stumble upon you.

    Take care and happy Blogging !



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