Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Code of Ethics:Post Comment at This Blog

"Important Message from Syah's Optometry Blog Owner"

To all readers,

I'm really appreciate all of you as a reader and of course a commenter of this blog. Your comments are really welcomed in sharing your opinion and etc. In line with the sharing our knowledge together at this blog, I'm really appreciate your cooperation to follow this blog ethics in posting comment.

The code of ethics as follows;
  1. Insert your name (at least) in each of your comment post. May not post as Anonymous.
  2. Do not post  provocative comment and offensive propaganda at any post.
  3. Do not post spam comment at any post.
  4. If you have any opinion/ question that leads to provocative situation or unpleasant comment for the blog owner and other reader, please ask me thru contact me form. It will be entertained as soon as possible..
Hopefully, all of you can respect the code and you will be get benefits from this blog content.

Stay tunes at this blog. Happy reading and commenting here.


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    2. @gina

      To Gina..We are Malaysian and never know about Wake Forest Optometrist...So sorry

    3. Great informative article. thanks for the post.



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