Monday, August 30, 2010

My Beloved Wife Birthday

Happy Birthday to You 2x, Happy Birthday to Mama...

Last Saturday Nite, Adam and I celebrated Mama's birthday at Croc. Rock Restaurant (I KNOW YOU LOVE TO EAT HERE)..This celebration was a bit unique because had no cake but we ordered chicken grill set with dauophNoise, only me sang the birthday song to her, Adam just imitated, maybe..n the celebration have been made earlier cos of my darling will not be here on 30th of August...

Anyway, I would like to wish Happy Birthday to Ayang..hope all your dream and of course our dream as well will become true...WE REALLY LOVE  YOU


  1. happy besday doctor
    May Allah bless u..=)

  2. sweeettttt :)

    sy doa kan dr dgn family hepi2 selalu :)



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