Thursday, February 25, 2010

Introduction to Autism


Research Title:
Relationship between Visual Skill and Social Skill among Autistic Children in NASOM Kuantan.

before I proceed with the main concern of this reserach, lets have general view on AUTISM..what it is all about....i will explain it in point form, so that, the readers can understand it better rather than full sentence....

What is Autism:
- Autism is one of brain developmental disorders.
- Also known as autistic disorder, childhood autism, infantile autism, early infantile autism or Kanner’s syndrome.
- Literally, the word autism derived from two Greek words which are ‘aut’ meaning self and ’ism’ implying orientation or state. This suggests that autistic children were unusually fascinated in themselves and showed little interest in others (Dodd, 2005).
- Characteristic: Having triad impairment of social interaction, communication and also by the presence of restricted, repetitive and stereotypic patterns of behaviour, interest and activities ( American Psychiatric Association, 2000).

Autsim is classified according to
- World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases, Version 10 (ICD-10, WHO 1992)
- American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR, APA 2000)

-the exact cause of autism is still unknown.
-some research suggests physical problem affecting parts of brain that process language and information coming from the senses.
-Another possible cause includes the abnormalities in brains structures and function. Recent research into the anatomy and functioning of the human brain has indicated that there are consistent differences between the brains of autistic and non-autistic individuals (Dodd, 2005).
-Genetic factors may sometimes involved.
-Thus, Autism indeed result from a combination of several causes.

- No specific medical cure are available for autism.
- Yet, medications can treat some of the associated symptoms.
- In general, autism can be diagnosed by a paediatrician, psychiatrist, neurologist, or clinical psychologist.
- Referral to a psychologist for a autistic children developmental assessment will provide information about the degree of severity and appropriate educational interventions.
- An intervention program is one of the most effective ways to enhance communication and socialization abilities among autistic individuals (Dodd, 2005).

okay, that's all for introduction to Autism, next post i will explain the common symptoms exhibited among autistic individual.


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