Friday, February 19, 2010

BV & Paeds Clinic Registration/ Appointment

Please refer to Flow of procedure for BV and Paeds Clinic Registration/ Appointment. Click the link below


If your patient needs to be referred to BV & Paeds Clinic, please leave the management part including prescibing a correction (Rx) during PCO visit.

This practice is to avoid from giving improper management to pateint.

The management part only will be determined during BV & Paeds Clinic visit.

For BV and Paeds Clinic appointment, please consult with Br Najib, do not make an appointment (give a date) by your own or without inform to Br Najib.

Now, Br Najib is on leave, please inform and advise me for any BV & Paed Clinic Appointment. For your info also, our BV & Paeds Clinic is not on every Wednesday as usual. It is alternate week. For instance, this week is BV & Paeds Clinic day, but in next week is LV day.

For 4th year student, I'm seeking your help to convey this important message for 3rd year student.

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