Wednesday, October 31, 2012

AES Location List

Be careful when driving in Malaysia.831 cameras so-called as Automatic Enforcement System (AES) Camera will spot your traffic offences. It uses high-technology cameras, 12MB to detect those who drive over the speed limit and beat the red light. This camera is very effective to trap the offences even at night time.

"The Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras, which we have been reading frequently about since the middle of the year, are really something. I've heard that they are really effective. It was reported that more than 63,000 traffic offences were captured by AES cameras over just eight days after the system began running. A friend was recently slapped with two summonses for speeding along the North-South Expressway on the same night while traveling back to Penang from Kuala Lumpur. Going at almost 130kph, he noticed a sudden flash in the dark not long after he left the capital. He thought someone in the car behind him was playing with a camera and the flash went off." 

quoted from Unseen Eyes Can't Be Beaten by Looi Sue Chern, NST Journalist.

The camera are located at selected federal roads, highways and expressways in Malaysia. It came into effect on 22 September 2012. The captured image will indicate the time, date and location of the offence.

Get the full list of AES camera location at this link;  Lokasi AES Had Laju



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