Friday, January 21, 2011

Syazwan's Farewell Party

Syazwan will be leaving us to UNSW for his MCOptom about 1 year. Because of that reason, Optometry Students organize a Farewell Party for his leaving. Good Luck for you Syazwan, hope you will finish MCOptom in flying colours and will come back to IIUM Optom Dept. as soon as possible.

Photo: "Last advice from Syazwan to Students'

Gotchaa...Let's view your photos..Before I'm forget, special thanks to our new candid photographer, Nazaryna a.k.a Nana Yg Gigih...sampai gambar aku pun dia candid..Don't worry Nana, it's good job..Zaazzz je la

Beriya betul makan..kuar urat leher.

 Ni ambik gambar meja atau gambar apa?

 So cold...

 Vote for me pls...Please listen adik2, kakak2

 Okay, set!We go to....tonite


 Tambah byk2...nanti tak yah g main tennis

 Who are you looking for?

 We are 1st year...

 Let's eat..

 Makan cheks jer??

 2nd Year...

 No candid on us

 Main 'actor' of the Party..sape nak bungkus..?


  1. tuan! I wanna more photos!

  2. pls be patience...I've no internet connection during last weekend

  3. I like G's & Zahir's photos...not so cold..but toooo cool

  4. Abg Azuwan's photo;

    duk tunjuk rajin depan adik2 opto



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